Mih-Myntdu Community Social Welfare Association

Aims & Objectives

We ensure the success of our developmental activities at the grassroots and community level and building a robust relationship with the beneficiaries and stakeholders.

Over the years of working at the grassroots and field level, the organization has developed a strong supportive rapport and goodwill with the villages and community leaders. We understand that to ensure the success of any developmental activities at the grassroots or community level, building a robust relationship with the beneficiaries and stakeholders goes a long way in achieving our objectives.


To carry out welfare programmes for men, women, and children in urban and rural villages and to uplift the economic conditions of the needy, poor and helpless families, and destitute women by taking up socio-economic programmes within the area without any discrimination of caste, creed, sex, and religion.

Educate and Invest

To educate and invest in development programmes for the youths and underprivileged adults in various fields of social activities such as agriculture, industry, farming, handloom, knitting, tailoring, embroidery, environment preservation, tourism, and skill building, etc.


To uplift the living conditions of the areas, particularly, the women by taking up condensed courses of education for adult women and vocational training programmes, etc.


To create awareness, care, support, and concern among the community regarding the ill effects of various health issues and diseases like Adolescence health & wellness, Leprosy, HIV/AIDs, Tuberculosis, and Vector-Borne Diseases, etc.

Medical Assistance

To work for the welfare of the people with cerebral palsy, autism, mental retardation, and multiple disabilities and enable them to start attending inclusive education schooling and vocational training.


To support underprivileged families in providing nutritional and supplementary diets to their children through various programmes like crèches, balwadis, holiday home camps, etc.


To preserve the cultural heritage of different communities in the areas of work


To improve and expand activities of games and sports among the youth in rural areas through various means of competition.


To affiliate with established and reputed organizations and institutes which share similar aims and objectives


To participate in various conferences, workshops, competitions, tournaments, etc. this is suited and appropriate as per the aims and objectives of the organization both within and outside the state of Meghalaya.


To help those afflicted with substance abuse through comprehensive care programmes like seminars, training, counseling, rehabilitation, and detoxification.