Mih-Myntdu Community Social Welfare Association

Empowerment Programme of Key Population

MCSWA / Skills Training / Empowerment Programme of Key Population

Providing for our beneficiaries to improve their standards of living.

Empowerment Programme of Key Population under Skills Training like Piggery Farming, Food Processing, Fast Food Street Vendor &  Assistant Beauty Therapist. 

This helps in providing our beneficiaries (key populations) with  empowerment schemes of Skills acquisition & vocational training to improve their standards of living, self esteem,  dignity of life.

Economic empowerment programmes can be very effective in socially empowering female sex workers. Programmes that take into account the needs of sex workers as articulated by sex workers themselves, and which develop their skills, appear to be more successful. Social empowerment also encourages sex workers to negotiate safer sex.

Such initiatives will not necessarily force them to exit sex work, but rather, it gives sex workers the economic knowledge and power to make rights-based choices for their lives. Finally, introduction and facilitating FSWs to various financial assistance schemes and handholding projects offered by Government Departments for empowering women folks to take up well suited entrepreneurial work which showcases their skills.